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Employee Rights Protection Association (ERPA) Represents Public Service and Government Employees facing Administrative Disciplinary Proceedings.   ERPA is a membership based organization dedicated to representing municipal, city, state and federal employees before Administrative Hearings. ERPA is your non-union alternative and has been dedicated in representing your best interest. Employee Rights Protection Association, Inc. (ERPA) has provided professional, competent and affordable representation to its members since 2006.    ERPA was founded because it saw a need to provide affordable and competent representation to the hard-working employee that could not afford to pay for the full services of an attorney or who may not be able to benefit from the full services of union representation. Our interest is to do our best in keeping you employed by providing rigorous and aggressive representation and to defend you against accusations or allegations of misconduct. We speak on your behalf when you have a grievance or desire to express your concerns about workplace incidents, to include but not limited to:  Harassment, Hostile Work Environment, Promotional Concerns and Employer Procedural Misconduct or Misconduct by your Employer. Member Benefits and Services are also offered. We hope that you find confidence in calling us for a free consultation or office visit to discuss how or in what way we may be able to assist you.

Who Does ERPA Represent?

Representing: • Public School Employees • Teachers, Law Enforcement • Correctional Officers • Firefighters • Clerks of Court • County Government Staff • State Employees • Health Department • DCF • Federal Employees • Congressional and Senate Staff - All Public Service and Government Employees are Welcome!  

ERPA is always accepting new    members with pending cases...  

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President's Message

Greetings to all Public Service, Career Service and Government Agency Employees: As President of Employee Rights Protection Association, Inc (ERPA), I invite you to share in the ERPA experience.  Our members come first.  

Every member is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation.  Our expertise and integrity demands the respect of agency heads, which has earned us a reputation in becoming one of Florida's premier representation firms. ERPA is dedicated in achieving the best outcome for every member.   You deserve to be represented by dedicated professionals with experience.  

At ERPA we have you in mind, not your partner, friend or co-worker, but you.    ERPA is your alternative to FOP, PBA, IAFF, and AFL-CIO interests, when it comes to representation.    

I offer to you, as a member, my experience of having worked in governmental agencies, as well as, having supervised and managed an Internal Affairs/Division of Professional Standards.  I discovered that some complaints were politically and/or personally motivated.  I've also noticed that many public service or government employees do not know their rights and furthermore, do not exercise their rights.   Before becoming an investigator and supervisor of Internal Affairs, I was the subject of an inquiry, and I had the misconception that, I did not need a representative.  Needless to say, a representative should be used, whenever you are facing an inquiry, reprimand, suspension or termination.    Ask yourself this question;    Q:  How far will my representative go to defend me before, during and after a hearing?   I encourage every public service employee to join.  

ERPA representatives are dedicated in providing representation to you before, during and after a hearing, with diligence, integrity, honor, courage and loyalty to you.    Become a member of ERPA so that you can secure, know, and protect your rights.  

Also, take advantage of our member benefits.  Most importantly, don't make finances an excuse not to join ERPA, learn more, call me at (321) 436-8061, to take advantage of our hardship payment arrangement program, or simply just register with ERPA to show your interest.

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